Hey, Urban Adventurer!

Tired of the concrete jungle? Meet Rob Sykes and Edward Pike—your guides to finding your magic, and swapping city skyscrapers for star-studded skies.

Our Origin Story

It all started in Crete in 2017, when proud Londoner Rob and farm boy turned adventurer Ed met on a retreat. Fast forward through a whirlwind of adventures and more than a few epic sunsets, we’re now crafting exhilarating retreats designed specifically for soul-searching urbanites like you that spark joy, wonder, and plenty of aha-moments.

As husbands in life and partners in the art of retreat-making, we’ve turned our love story and eclectic expertise into Find Your Magic Retreats, your escape hatch from urban chaos to nature’s peace. Drawing from our diverse backgrounds – which include event and project management, personal training, sound therapy and coaching – we craft experiences that combine the thrill of adventure with the joy of getting to know and value yourself.

Rob Sykes

Londoner, Sound Maestro, Unofficial Comedian

After decades spinning decks across the globe and working for MTV, Rob now tunes into a different frequency, crafting soundscapes that heal and energise. He’s also your go-to guy for a wicked sense of humour and an uncanny ability to turn every moment into an immersive, all-sensorial experience.

Edward Pike

Country Boy, Fitness Guru, Unofficial Cheerleader

From a Degree in Management to coaching people in the wilds of Crete, Ed’s your man for a thoughtful chat, a sunrise trek or an impromptu workout. With a resume that includes everything from body psychotherapy to creative consulting, his multifaceted career is matched only by his intuitive talent to ensure that every participant finds their own rhythm.

What Makes Our Retreats A Must-Try

Immersive Adventures

We think playtime is essential at any age. Our retreats are tailor-made to shake off the urban grind and sprinkle some zest back into your life. Whether you're swimming through waterfalls or exploring your inner landscapes through guided introspection, boredom is one guest that’s never invited.

Dynamic Duo At Your Service

With Rob’s flair for turning up the tunes and Ed’s knack for coaxing your inner warrior with a well-timed pep talk, our retreats are anything but ordinary. We're here to nudge you out of your comfort zone, with all the safety harnesses attached, of course!

Safety in Numbers (or Solo)

Worried about fitting in? Our groups are like a well-mixed cocktail—just the right blend of personalities and passions. We make magic by ensuring everyone feels part of the adventure, whether you’re flying solo or with a group.

Care & Connection

We're known for our meticulous attention to detail and heartfelt dedication. Participants often remark on the profound sense of care they feel, helping forge deep connections and lasting memories.

Our Clientele

Join a diverse tribe of thrill-seekers and life-enthusiasts—from overworked CEOs to curious creatives. All looking to ditch the desk for a dose of extraordinary.

They come as strangers but leave as part of an ever-growing family, bonded by shared experiences and stories that span continents. What we do is not just a retreat; it’s a reset button for anyone ready to shake up their status quo and inject some zest into their lives.

Our Mission & Vision

We dream big. Our mission? To transform soul-seeking urbanites into exhilarated adventurers.

We envision Find Your Magic as your ultimate go-to for escaping the ordinary and embracing the extraordinary.

We create sanctuaries where the weary can awaken their deeper selves and rediscover their lost passions. In our environments, laughter is abundant, and every moment is a journey into self-discovery.

Through our unique blend of exhilarating adventures and introspective moments, we strive to inspire a lasting impact, empowering our guests to infuse the magic discovered here into their everyday lives.